Aromatherapy for Menopause


Menopausal symptoms are often treated with hormone replacement therapies, but I think the Eastern Medicine helps just as much the general menopausal malaises, such as sleeplessness, lethargy, chronic fatigue, agitation and irritability. In recent years, it’s been reported that more women in their late 30s and early 40s are starting to complain with menopausal symptoms, and a term “premenopause” has been coined for this period in women’s lives.

Fear and the Water Element


When I give lectures on the kidney, a water element, in my meridian training program, I talk about “fear”. Fear is probably what hinders you most from moving into the future.

Fear makes you afraid to take a necessary step forward. Even if you have made the first step, the emotion might stop you form carrying on. The “will power” that lies deep in your water element is weakened by excessive fear.


Neroli and Basil ~ An Unexpected Combination that Goes Great

I was looking for aromatherapy formulas to ease a stomachache. If you search on the web a bit, it quickly returns numerous blending ideas, some of which I probably wouldn’t concoct myself. That, by the way, made me ponder once again the importance of diversity in people you interact with.

There was a website suggesting such a combination, and it was to blend…

Neroli and basil.

I tried it straight off and… wow! It was so good! Neroli with its gentle, soothing scent and the basil that throws in a bit of spiciness is indeed a combination! Despite the spicy kick, it’s deeply relaxing, too.

The formula is completed with peppermint, and I’m sure this makes a great blend for a massage oil to alleviate stress-related gastritis and stomachaches. Basil is expected to help you fight stress, so it adds a perfect touch. I so concocted and gave it a try. It did soothe me tenderly. Aromatherapy rocks!

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